Why Join NMUG?????? Great Programs Each and Every Week!

Why Join NMUG??????
Great Programs Each and Every Week! Starting Wednesday September 5, 11:30 AM







Location of Meetings
Naples Regional Library
650 Central Ave.
Naples, FL 34102
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All of These Meetings are Open to the Public!
Special Outside Speakers
Hold these dates on Your Calendars!!!


Kelly Guimont


TextExpander lets you instantly insert snippets of text from a repository of emails, boilerplate and other content, as you type – using a quick search or abbreviation.


Chita Hunter


“Create more than just plain text documents. This Deep Dive into Pages will show you how to use the advanced features of Pages for creative layout, consistent design, automation, and export to ePub.”

Brett Terpstra

How to Use Tags to Organize Files and Folders in macOS



Apple Store Team

Coconut Point


Sean Doherty












Peggy Farren

iPhone photography

Learn how to leverage its capability by understanding the various features and functions provided by the included camera app as well as other supporting tools.

This course is designed to increase your knowledge of using your cell phone’s camera to take great pictures!

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