We believe we have the solution to the sign on issue.

If you have already successfully signed in please ignore this message.

We believe we have solved the issues of the email password reset not working and not getting a password reset email.

Browser cache, browser password saving make resetting really hard, as it still remembers the old password. Also cookies may need to be reset.

I suggest you try the forget password route first. Go to the website www.NaplesMUG.com and request a new password. You should get an email which will let you reset your password to something you desire. Then go back and log in.

If that doesn’t work, then go to Safari and clear your history (Click Safari on the top menu, click CLEAR HISTORY)and go to keychain and remove any entries for NaplesMUG.com (Safari/preferences/passwords/Keychain) then repeat the process.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Marty Dorio, Secretary”