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MacWorld’s Mac 101 Tips

Mac 101-1 Getting Setup

Mac 101-2 Meet the Finder

Mac 101-3 About Windows

Mac 101-4 Your input devices

Mac 101-5 Diving into menus Pt 1

Mac 101-6 Diving into menus Pt 2

Mac 101-7 Diving into menus Pt 3

Mac 101-8 Seek and find

Mac 101-9 Smart searching

Mac 101-10 Dealing with the Dock

Mac 101-11 System Preferences

Mac 101-12 About Mission Control

Mac 101-13 Linguistic Tricks

Mac 101-14 Notes on Notifications

Mac 101-15 Sound and Vision

Mac 101-16 The Printer Primer

Mac 101-17 The Printing Primer

Mac 101-18 Setting up Email

Mac 101-19 Network Settings

Mac 101-20 Mac Sharing Features

Mac 101-21 Configure Mt Lion Users

Mac 101-22 Configure Parental Controls

Mac 101-23 Use Mt Lion dictation, etc

Mac 101-24 Anatomy of Mail window

Mac 101-25 Creating, Sending email

Mac 101-26 Using Mail’s rules, etc.

Mac 101-27 Dealing with Junk Mail

Mac 101-28 Introduction to Calendar

Mac 101-29 Calendar Sharing

Mac 101-30 Intro to Contacts

Mac 101-31 All about Reminders

Mac 101-32 Getting Started Messages

Mac 101-33 Doing More with Messages

Mac 101-34 FaceTime Video Calls

Mac 101-35 Dive into Dashboard

Mac 101-36 Getting Started with Safari

Mac 101-37 Exploring Safari preferences

Mac 101-38 Safari Best Practices

Mac 101-39 20 Computer Terms

Mac 101-40   Twenty more Terms

Mac 101-41 Annotating Images Preview

Mac 101-42 Annotating PDFs Preview

Mac 101-43 QuickTime Player X

Mac 101-44 Getting Started iPhoto

Mac 101-45 Import into iPhoto

Mac 101-46 Go with Photo Stream

Mac 101-47 Image Edits in iPhoto

Mac 101-48 Organizing in iPhoto

Mac 101-49 Sharing iPhoto images

Mac 101-50 Faces & Places iPhoto

Mac 101-51 Explore Ratings, Keywords

Mac 101-52 Get Started iMovie

Mac 101-53 Importing Video Clips

Mac 101-54 New to Mavericks?

Mac 101-55 Staring with iMovie 10

Mac 101-56 Import Media into iMovie 10

Mac 101-57 Construct an iMovie project

Mac 101-58 Create iMovie 10 trailers

Mac 101-59 Explore iMovie Editing

Mac 101-60 Explore iMovie obscure tips

Mac 101-61 Ten Lessons for New Mac

Mac 101-62 Getting Garageband

Mac 101-63 Creating Ringtones

Mac 101-64 Get your Loops

Mac 101-65 How to play GarageBand

Mac 101-66 GarageBand for guitar

Mac 101-67 GarageBand finer points

Mac 101-68 Wrap-up