Please sign in if you have not done so already

Hi all,

To date, we have had nearly 200 members sign in to the new website successfully.

As you know NMUG has moved to manage memberships, class registrations, and the huge amount of information we make available to our Members using the new NMUG website.

Can you each please go to and sign in.

YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE DONE THIS SO THAT YOU CAN RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP or take advantage of many other memebr benefits.

Before doing so, please clear your safari history (Open Safari, go to History/CLEAR History/Clear All history).

Next, clear your old keychain entries for (Open Safari, go to Preferences/Passwords, type in and click remove).

Then, go to Sign in using your firstname-lastname.

Ask for new password using “forgot password” using either your username or your REGISTERED email.

If you have any issues please let me know at

It is important that we get everyone converted by the end of the month.

Thanks for your support.