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NMUG meetings are exclusive - for members only - which is another great reason to join! They are always interesting with a lot of new tips and tricks to discover and often hilarious. Now that we are ZOOMable, they will run weekly (barring any earthshaking events or natural disasters), every Wednesday from 11.30am to 12.45pm. Catch you there.

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Do you know when Apple was founded or how much RAM came in the first Macintosh? We will explore the history of Apple through trivia, from the early days before the Mac right up to current events. It will be fun and educational for fans of everything Apple - grab this opportunity to exercise the grey matter, and share memories of Apple's dramatic history.

Tim is a long time Apple user and user group supporter. As a Founding member of the PMUG in 1978, Arkansas RazorMacs, and the Arkansas NeXT user group, Tim has been a big believer in community support. He worked for Apple from 1987-1989 and then NeXT Computers from 1989-1991. Since 1991 He has been a Professional FileMaker Developer. Out side of Computers He is a music lover and audiophile. He can be found on weekends tweaking his stereo or building new equipment from scratch.





May 04
Christian Boyce - Q & A

Apple expert Christian Boyce answers members maOS questions, and explores some of his favourite, essential keyboard shortcuts - shortcuts that could save you time every single day!

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Zoom meeting
May 11
Dennis DiGiacomo - Mac Tidbits: A Forensic’s Approach...

• Do you really need Third-Party AnitVirus/AntiSpyware Software on a Mac or iOS Device?
• Are Third-Party Disk Maintenance & Repair Tools needed?
• Are VPN’s truly helpful in everyday usage (Where should we use them and When)?
• Truths about Hard Drive/SSD Storage and the reason we truly need to have MULTIPLE Backups…

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Zoom meeting
May 18
Dan Wassink - Dan's Tutorials - Introduction to Tap Forms 5

With this database, you’ll be able to manage multiple lists or forms to help you be more productive. Create lists or forms for managing your home inventory, bank accounts, loyalty cards, memberships, clients, and more. Not sure how to do this in a database?. We look at everything from terminology, to the interface, to creating forms or lists, to linking forms together through relationships. Everything you need to learn how to use Tap Forms 5.
https://www.tapforms.com website for more information

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Zoom meeting
May 25
Jeff Bohr - PREVIEW

Preview is an incredible app that we all own and rarely use - and yet, this tiny app provides a wide range of uses as well as viewing and sorting photos - Fill out and sign forms, Protect your confidential documents, Combine PDF documents, Convert image files to a variety of file types, and so much more.... Prepare to be surprised as Jeff lifts the lid on this powerful, useful, but often neglected marvel!

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Zoom meeting
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