Officers & Directors

NMUG’s Officers are elected Annually from the Directors.

President:            George Rubin    George Rubin NMUG

Treasurer:               Don Peacock     Don Peacock NMUG

Secretary:               Marty Dorio       Marty Dorio NMUG

Class Registrar     Eckart Goette  Eckart Goette NMUG

 Directors terms are staggered, with each serving 3 year terms.

Class A Directors:                   Terms Expiring January 2019

                    Don Peacock          Don Peacock NMUG

                    Marty Dorio           Marty Dorio NMUG

Class B Directors:                   Term Expiring January 2020

                    Eckart Goette       Eckart Goette NMUG

                    Bob Kenedi             Bob Kenedi

Class C Directors:                   Term Expiring January 2021

   Jeff Bohr                    Jeff Bohr NMUG

                    George Rubin         George Rubin NMUG

                    Marilyn von Seggern Marilyn von Seggern

 NMUG is a 501(C)(3) Non Profit corporation:

NMUG’s FL Certificate

Our Articles of Incorporation are:

Articles of Incorporation

NMUG’s ByLaws may be viewed here:


 For more information on NMUG and its activities contact any of the above individuals by clicking the link adjacent to their name

OR Click Here to send an Email message to George Rubin, President

IMG_0703 copyGeorge Rubin, President
IMG_0702 copy   Don Peacock, Treasurer
IMG_0704 copy   Eckart Goette, Registrar
IMG_0699 copy     Marty Dorio, Secretary & Webmaster
IMG_0698 copy   Jeff Bohr, Director
 Bob Kenedi, Director1
 Marilyn von Seggern, Member Advocate
IMG_0701 copy    Jerry King , President Emeritus