NMUG History

This page has links to several segments of interest to NMUG members and all Apple Mac owners

    Naples MacFriends User Group (NMUG) had its genesis in 1984 when a Macintosh computer was received in the Collier County headquarters facility (At that time located at 650 Central Ave in Naples.)

    The first link covers the years from 1984 until around 2002

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    The OS for Mac computers was changed to OS X in 2000.  Just as the OS has changed significantly, NMUG has changed appreciably in the same time frame.  The following link reports upon many of these changes.

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    It is 1984.  This was the year that Apple stunned the world with the introduction of the Macintosh computer.  Relive the emotion of Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial.

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    On September 16, 1985, seven years after he had started the company with his friend Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs resigned as chairman of Apple Computer. Twelve years later to the day, the company announced that he was back. Read about the interval between 1985 and 1997.

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    Steve Jobs returned to Apple on September 16, 1997 as interim CEO.  One of his most challenging issues was to rebuild the spirit of the Apple employees.  View this video that was for Apple employees about the Think Different campaign.

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    On September 13, 2000 Apple released its Mac OS X Public Beta trial of the ultra-modern, ground breaking operating system that would replace the older Mac OS systems like OS 9  The fortunes of the Mac platform drastically with the release of a simple CD.

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    When Apple took the wraps off Mac OS X a decade ago, it clearly marked a big leap forward from the old Mac operating system. But as Mac users installed that first beta disk, it wasn’t exactly clear how big a leap OS X would turn out to be. What are OS X’s ten most innovative features?

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    How far has OS X come in ten years?  Here are 11 major changes since the release of the Public beta in September 2000.  With ten years of updates, innovations, and enhancements under our belt, we can now see how far we’ve come since.

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