NEW WEBSITE FOR NMUG (Naples MacFriends Users Group)

NaplesMUG is pleased to announce that our new website will be available shortly.

We have been working on this website for more than a year and have planned it to bring several advantages to our members and to the volunteers who keep our club running.

Among these are: 

1. The ability for each of you to manage your own profiles and membership information. 

2. The ability for you to register online for courses and to renew your membership directly using credit cards via PayPal. Having a PayPal account is not required and payments can be made using most major credit cards, including American Express.The new procedure eliminates the need for you to write checks or to mail in changes to your contact information.

3. A reduction in the workload of club officers, enabling us to spend more time dealing with NMUG’s educational mission.

In the coming 10 days, members will receive two more communications. First there will be the schedule for the launch. Second will be the detailed information about the launch conversion.

If a member family has a single email address used for both members , and because the new system is based upon email addresses, the new sign on procedure will require that both members use a single login identity and password. This should have no material effect on use of the website. Members will  both simply use the same sign on to access the site. The class registration process will allow both to register individually or sequentially if both want to take a class. Membership renewal can be done by either member when signed into the website. It should be fairly straight forward to do class registration or membership renewal.

Feel free to call any of us with any questions or comments.


Marty Dorio, Secretary
Naples MacFriends Users Group