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The NMUG Message Board

Our message board forms the backbone of our User Group. It is the go-to place when you are experiencing issues with your Mac gear or apps, or would like some advice. 

Signing up and using is incredibly easy. If you are fairly new to the Mac, here are some step by step instructions to both join and use our message board. This introduction is divided in to three parts. If all you want to do is post questions from your e-mail client, there’s almost nothing to do at all  - just read Part 1. If you’d like to make fuller use of the great features that provides, Part 2 describes how to sign in and create an account. There are two different versions – one if you take action within 24 hours of receiving your invitation, and the other if you take action more than 24 hours after receiving your invitation. Part 3 describes some of the other incredibly useful tools that provides.

Click on any of the boxes below for all the demo documents. You can also view our handy video.


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