Membership Options

Memberships with NMUG are for a 12 month period. We offer:

  • Individual Memberships for $25/year
  • Household Memberships for $35/year for 2 persons maximum at the same household address
  • Members of a Household may UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE as circumstances change.

Memberships offer several advantages:

  1. Attendance at the ten class series offered each year at
    Naples Conference Center
    and taught by our instructors or other knowledgeable experts (fee additional)
  2. Participation in the Yahoo discussion Group where individual questions and referrals are made in a very timely way. This Group is closed to the public and non Members
  3. Access to all class notes for the ten class series offered each year
  4. Discounts on various training programs (Noteboom Productions for example).

If you’d like to join, click here

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