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Special Member Benefits

(Shh ... It's a secret. Only for NMUG members!)

Our Meetings

With expert speakers on all Mac related topics, as well as a myriad of other tips and titbits on a wide range of other useful topics, our member-only meetings are guaranteed to inspire, excite and make you yearn for more. There is also a healthy dose of Q&A and interactivity so get your fingers ready to send in your burning questions...but only if you are an NMUG member, naturally. Find out more ...

Chita Hunter Video Tutorials

Chita Hunter Video Tutorials

Chita Hunter’s easy-to-understand video tutorials - covering hot topics like “Apple Mail: Tame your Inbox”, “Apple Keynote: Shrink to Fit Text Frame”, and how to distinguish between a layout and word processing document in Apple Pages - help you better understand Apple’s iWorks software.

Chita’s video tutorials cover MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, indepth Photoshop and InDesign videos, as well as Data Organization and miscellaneous products.

Here are two tasters, to whet your appetite.

Apple Keynote “Bring Your Presentations to Life” 3yt button64transp

Apple Pages Deep Dive 3yt button64transp


YouTube Channel 3yt button64transp



Our great friend, Gary Rosenzweig, is the founder, producer and host of MacMost, a site that is chock full of amazing Mac tutorials on everything you could ever wish to know about Macs.

You’ll also find online courses, regularly updated news, and much more.

He has written more than 40 books on computers, including the best-selling My iPad series.

You'll thank us for this one! Visit MacMost

NMUG Message Board

NMUG Message Board

This is a very exciting, energetic and useful message board that forms the backbone of our User Group. The Message Board is the go-to place when you are experiencing issues with your Mac gear or apps, or would like some advice. Also, it is our forum for the latest in news and innovations about Apple.

The NMUG Message Board has attracted new NMUG members from across the globe. Why? Because it is just that good! Find out more …

Dan's Tutorials

Dan's Tutorials

Video Tutorials that cover the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch. More than 1300 lessons are yours! No need to schedule. They’re available 24-7. You Get Premium Membership with NMUG Special Pricing for $14.99 (Annual Subscription)

Membership unlocks all the tutorials, lessons, and tips on the site. Includes 30-Day free trial. Be sure to use your NMUG password

This is a special price exclusive to NMUG Members. By placing your order, you are purchasing an annual subscription at the rate of $14.99 a year for a Premium Membership which unlocks all tutorials, lessons, and tips. This membership will renew for $14.99 a year on an annual basis until cancelled.

The plan includes a 30 day free trial. You will not be billed for 30 days. If you cancel within 30 days, your credit card will not be billed. Why do we need your credit card for a free trial? We need your credit card to bill you after your 30 day free trial ends. If you decide our tutorials are not a good fit for you and cancel before your free trial ends – we will not bill you at all.

Sign up today and check out our tutorials for the next 30 days for free- You're just a click away!

Take Control Books

Take Control Books

With content including titles such as Take Control of … The Mac Command Line with Terminal, Home Security Cameras, Securing Your Mac and Zoom, these are sure to stand proud on your virtual bookshelves

All NMUG members will receive a special code for a 30% discount on all Take Control books.

Click to go to the site and view the range.

Christian Boyce Consultancy

Christian Boyce Consultancy

Christian is a Mac user, an iPhone user, a native Californian, and an honorary Texan. A former rocket scientist, an author, a speaker, and a semi-competitive barbecuer. If it's from Apple, he knows about it, and he can help you use it better. Macs, iPhones, iPads, iCloud. Training, support, automation. He is a Mac and iPhone consultant and author who started helping people with their Macs as a University of Texas graduate student in 1985 and turned it into a full-time business in 1991. Christian's website is loaded with how-to articles for iPhone and Mac users– now over 500 articles.

Christian specializes in helping people get more out of the equipment and software they already own. Do more, in less time, and have more fun doing it— that’s the Christian Boyce way.

 He offers NMUG members a 25% discount on their first remote consultation.

Visit Christian's website

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