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When you click the link below you will be taken to a new page for access to the member database. Please enter the word join in the top blank field. No password is required. Click SIGN IN. Then follow the instructions to join the Naples MacFriends USer Group. You will receive an invoice from PayPal in your email to pay for your membership. No PayPal account is required. You may use a credit or debit card to pay if you wish.

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No proactive action is required on your part to renew your membership when it expires.  Instead, within the month before your membership expiration date, you will receive an invoice to renew via PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to do that, you may pay using any credit card.  If you forget to pay that invoice when you receive it, you will receive a few reminders before we finally conclude, with great regret, that you are no longer interested in being a member of the NaplesMUG at which time we will cancel your membership.

How to update your information

Sometimes you change your email, mailing address, phone, or which residence is your Preferred residence. Please use this link to update your information. You will need your UG# as well as your last name to make any changes. Click the link below and then enter update in the account name field. No password is required.

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