If your membership is expiring in the next quarter…

You should have received the following email this morning.

Club records show that your membership is expiring in the next quarter.

If you have already renewed, and signed on to the new website, IGNORE this message. I am sorry to have bothered you.

The board is trying to migrate all membership activity to the new website. Paypal allows payment using your own account OR using your own credit card.

If you have not already signed on, please do so by following these instructions. It is easy and painless.

Go to Safari and clear your history (SAFARI/HISTORY/CLEAR HISTORY)

Go to Safari and clear your old passwords (SAFARI/PREFERENCES; enter NaplesMUG.com in the SEARCH BAR; select any that have that web address; click REMOVE)

Go to NaplesMUG.com

Enter your username (usually firstname-lastname) – if in doubt, email or text me

Click Forgot password and a new password should be sent to you. If not, please email me.

You can change it once you sign in, by clicking your name in the upper right and clicking EDIT PROFILE. Then scroll down to Create password and enter a new one that you will remember.

Then you can go to the membership tab on the left menu bar and renew your membership



Naples MacFriends Users Group


Please sign in if you have not done so already

Hi all,

To date, we have had nearly 200 members sign in to the new website successfully.

As you know NMUG has moved to manage memberships, class registrations, and the huge amount of information we make available to our Members using the new NMUG website.

Can you each please go to www.naplesmug.com and sign in.

YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE DONE THIS SO THAT YOU CAN RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP or take advantage of many other memebr benefits.

Before doing so, please clear your safari history (Open Safari, go to History/CLEAR History/Clear All history).

Next, clear your old keychain entries for NaplesMUG.com (Open Safari, go to Preferences/Passwords, type in naplesmug.com and click remove).

Then, go to NaplesMUG.com. Sign in using your firstname-lastname.

Ask for new password using “forgot password” using either your username or your REGISTERED email.

If you have any issues please let me know at Secretary@naplesmug.com.

It is important that we get everyone converted by the end of the month.

Thanks for your support.


NaplesMUG.com update

If you have already successfully signed in please ignore this message. Otherwise do this:

Go to Safari and clear your history (Click Safari on the top menu,/HISTORY and click CLEAR HISTORY).

Go to SAFARI/PREFERENCES/PASSWORDS and remove any entries for NaplesMUG.com . Type in NAPLESMUG.COM in the search bar and click REMOVE for the ones that relate to the website.

Go to Naplesmug.com. Click forgot password. Enter your username (first name-last name). Use lowercase.

If you have difficulties, email me for a temporary password.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Marty Dorio, Secretary


We believe we have the solution to the sign on issue.

If you have already successfully signed in please ignore this message.

We believe we have solved the issues of the email password reset not working and not getting a password reset email.

Browser cache, browser password saving make resetting really hard, as it still remembers the old password. Also cookies may need to be reset.

I suggest you try the forget password route first. Go to the website www.NaplesMUG.com and request a new password. You should get an email which will let you reset your password to something you desire. Then go back and log in.

If that doesn’t work, then go to Safari and clear your history (Click Safari on the top menu, click CLEAR HISTORY)and go to keychain and remove any entries for NaplesMUG.com (Safari/preferences/passwords/Keychain) then repeat the process.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Marty Dorio, Secretary”

Sign on to naplesmug.com

Thanks very much for your efforts to sign on to the new naplesmug.com website.

I apologize for any confusion in the instructions I sent.

Your user names are, in general, firstname- lastname. You only need this to sign on AFTER you reset your password.

For families with only one email address, you will use your family name-family as user name.

Click the link in the email to go to the rest page. Pick a new password.

Then sign in with your username (shown on the email right above the link) and your new password.

Feel free to let me know any further difficulties.


Marty Dorio, Secretary

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