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  1. In the last session backup was discussed. It was recommended that several hard drives be used like one for TM1 and another for TM2, etc. How are all these HD’s connected? What kind of hub is recommended?
    1. Tom, There is no blanket answer to your question. It depends on your setup. For me, my iMac has two thunderbolt ports and three USB ports on the back. So I made a point of buying the LaCie 4TB and 6TB hard drives with thunderbolt. There are two advantages of these: 1. they are large enough to back up my 1TB Fusion Mac HDD drive 2. they DAISY CHAIN, meaning I can plug other thunderbolt drives into the. I also have two WD 4TB THUNDERBOLT drives which I connect to each of the LaCie drives. My two LaCies plug into my iMac. Each WD plugs into each LaCie. Then I tell Time Machine to use three of those drives to back up my iMac. It is probably overkill, but it gives me peace of mind. By the way, I use the fourth drive WD 4TB for my Photos and iMovies. I use Intego to back it up to the 6TB drive. Protecting my media. In normal cases you can use two USB drives plugged into to iMac. or I have great success with the Belkin USB 4 or 6 unit hubs. I also think they now have 4 hub USB-C which replace the thunderbolt connectors. Amazon is a great source, but I would only buy brand name drives and maybe even hubs.
  2. I just had a pop-up suggesting that I should “go private right now with Avast Secure Line VPN.” Is a virtual private network a good idea and if so, is Avast as desirable as any (@2.99/Month)?

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