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  1. How do I replace external drive to enable Time Machine to back up? Mine has no name on it and it is unrepairable by Disk Utility. Message reads:
    OS X can’t repair disk “Time Machine”. You can still open or copy files on disk, but you can’t save changes to files on dis. Bak up disk and reformat as soon as you can.

    What kind of device do I get and where? If I unplug this one, will it lose everything? When I plug in a new one will Time Machine know to start backing up to the new drive or will it walk me though next steps?
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Lauri Shafer

  2. Does anyone know how to stop desktop backups when I save documents. This started at the last update.

    Bridget Doerner

    1. If you mean Time Machine Backups, it is not necessary to stop the backup process when you save a new document. Just save it as you normally would and MacOS will do the rest.

      But, you can always stop a Time Machine backup if you need to for some reason (not recommended normally). Go to the TimeMachine circle in the upper tool bar. Click it. Click Open Time Machine Preferences. Click the little X next to the Backup in progress. This will cancel the currently backing up process.

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