Member Testimonials/comments

The board encourages active Member participation.

Please feel free to leave your testimonials here.

Technical questions should be posted on the yahoo discussion group to be able to take advantage of many members inputs and experience.


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4 thoughts on “Member Testimonials/comments”

  1. Naples Mac User Group,

    What a great job on the website. I truly love that there is a testimonial section. What an easy site to navigate. I found all the information I needed just fine. I appreciate all that the group has done for me. I have learned so much though your group and it has saved me endless hours in line at the Apple store. Thank you! I will be a lifetime member as long as you allow it!

    1. Jackie,
      We are thrilled to hear you were able to get so much information from our website. We appreciate the positive and honest feedback. Our classes offer so many wonderful things to our members. We are happy to hear you are taking advantage of all of what we offer. We will look forward to seeing you in the fall. “Lifetime member”, wow! We approve! You can also find information and add comments on our Facebook page

    1. Thanks. The board felt we needed a fresh new identity. Board Member Jeff Bohr gets credit for asking his designer for ideas.
      He also set up our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thanks Jeff!

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