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    1. Thanks. The board felt we needed a fresh new identity. Board Member Jeff Bohr gets credit for asking his designer for ideas.
      He also set up our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thanks Jeff!

  1. I realize today’s NMUG meeting, May 10, will address iPhone/iPad issues, but am so utterly aggravated with trying to download the most recent Flash Player update, that I have to ask.

    The download is what appears to be a simple 3-step process, however the third step is a new product purchase from Adobe, which I cannot seem to avoid/surpass/suppress, etc. Argh!!

    Download is thereby stymied. Can you help?

    1. Yes, flash updates are a nuisance. President Jerry King has mentioned in many meetings that the best way to do that is to IGNORE any FLASH update requests you get from surfing or elsewhere. The preferred way is to go to system preferences, and at the bottom, find the FLASH icon. Click it, click Updates, and check the boxes to set updating the way you want it. Be careful not to leave boxes checked that you do not want to add things (like what you are experiencing).

  2. Jeff Bohr told me at the Mar 20 class for 1Password that he would put out the class notes without a black background so I could print the notes. To date this has not happened. Please advise as to when this will be done.

  3. I’m trying to register for the March 20 NMUG class. I tried filling out the member registration form, but the site wouldn’t let me have access to PayPal. What do I need to do to register for this class?

  4. Marty trying to download the Cloud Apps, did as you noted in your presentation but the last item “on device, download icloud APP is confusing me sorry but please add a further instruction here, how do I get the iCloud APP onto my desktop ?

    1. iCloud Drive must be turned on in settings on your iDevice. Then download the app from the App Store and it should appear.

      On Mac, in System Preferences, turn it on by clicking under iCloud. Then in Finder, be sure the sidebar option to show it is checked to make iCloud Drive appear in your list of folders.

  5. The membership renewal process works well, but I was disappointed that I had to fill in the form. I had hoped that when I logged in, the form would be populated for me.

    I’m sure someone else provided the form mechanism, but it would have been logical (on iPad) when entering the phone number for it to remain in number entry mode as you go from one part of the number to the next instead of shifting back to the alpha keyboard.

    But it’s far better than the old way.


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