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  1. Help! I’ve just created a slide show with music in iMovie and now find that I can’t burn it to a DVD since upgrading to Sierra….worse, I tried saving the project via the Share option to both Icloud drive and documents…and while I got a message saying it was successfully exported, I can’t open the files as I got a message saying I didn’t have an app to open it! I have successfully created these in the past with older OS systems and IDVD. Please tell me how I can get my slide show our of IMovie….thanks!

    1. I do not understand why it would not work. You really have just created an iMovie. You have done this from iMovie projects, right? And what for at did you use when you exported to iCloud Drive or documents? Also, are you sure it COMPLETELY exported? There is a little clock that shows when it completes, and if you don’t let it finish it does not close the file created properly.

      I would try two other things. 1) try exporting as a file, using the Share icon.
      2) try exporting to iTunes from the iMovie program.

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