NMUG Meeting, WED 01/13/2021 – iOS, with Mitch Bryars

NMUG Meeting, WED 01/06/2021 – Adobe Highlights, with Terry White

NMUG Meeting, WED 12/30/2020 – How to Maintain Your Privacy and Security Online in 2021, with Josh Summers

NMUG Meeting, WED 12/23/2020 – Street Photography, with Derrick Story

NMUG Meeting, WED 12/16/2020 – Holiday Photography iPhone 12, with Bob Kenedi

NMUG Meeting, WED 12/09/2020 – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, with Mitch Bryars

NMUG Meeting, WED 12/02/2020 – Apple Devices In Your Health Care, with B Nice

NMUG Meeting, WED 11/25/2020 – Apple TV +, Charlotte Henry, with Jim Corsia

NMUG Holiday Gifts, 11/18/20

NMUG Meeting, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

NMUG Weds Nov 4, Q & A, Apple Devices, Chita Hunter

NMUG Weds Oct 26, 2021 Classes, Jeff Bohr, Eckart Goette

NMUG Weds Oct 21, Big Sur, Joe Kissell

NMUG Weds Oct 14, Apple iPhone News+iOS,Mitch Bryars

NMUG Weds Oct 7, Q & A, Chita Hunter, Video

NMUG Weds Sept 30, Luminar 4, Jeff Carlson, Video

NMUG Weds Sept 23, Zoom, Glenn Fleishman VIDEO

NMUG Weds Sept 16, Apple Keynote: A Travel Book, w/Chita Hunter VIDEO

NMUG Weds Sept 9, iPhone, iPad, Watch, w/Mitch Bryars VIDEO

NMUG Weds Sept 2, 2020, Q & A, w/Chita Hunter VIDEO

NMUG Weds Aug 12 2020 The Power 0f MacOS & iOS Part 1 VIDEO – Marty Dorio

NMUG Weds Aug 12 2020 The Power 0f MacOS & iOS Part 1 SLIDES- Marty Dorio

NMUG Wed How e-Mail Really Works + Q&A SLIDES – Marty Dorio 7/15/20 

NMUG Wed, CCPL Electronic Collection, Kenneth Hardcastle, 6/24/20

NMUG Wed, Video, Apple TV, 6/17/20, Jim Corsica

NMUG Wed 6/17/2020 Apple TV Talk, Jim Corsica

NMUG Wed, 6/10/20, iDevices & Apple Watch, Mitch Bryars

NMUG Wed 6/3/20, Q & A, Marty Dorio

NMUG Wed 5/27/20, Tame Your Inbox, Chita Hunter

NMUG, 5/20/20, iMazing, Gregorio Zanon

NMUG Meeting 5/13/20, iOS, iPos, Routers, Rumors, M. Bryars
NMUG Meeting 5/6/20, Zoom, Dan Wassink
NMUG Wednesday, Tidbits on Accessories, Apple Security and VPN, Dennis DiGiacomo, 4/29/20

NMUG, 4/22/20, Covid 19 Scams, Carrie Kerskie

NMUG, 4/15/20, Yosemite Valley, Bob Kenedi

NMUG, 4/8/20, Reliable Home Networks, Wayne Mertz

Reliable Home Networks Slides for April 8 2020 Wayne Mertz  

NMUG, iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mitch Bryars, 4/1/20

NMUG Zoom Weds March 25, 2020, How to Improve Your Photography, Frank Berna

NMUG Weds March 18, 2020, apple Aides Hearing, Wayne Mertz

NMUG Weds March 11, 2020, Q & A iPhone, iPad and Watch, w/Mitch Bryars

NMUG Weds Feb 26 2020 Wayne Mertz – Genealogy via Apple

NMUG Meeting, iPhone, Christian Boyce, 2 /19/ 20

NMUG, Wednesday: Video To Go, Wally Cherwinski: 02/ 12/ 20


NMUG Meeting, Gary Rosenzweig, Q & A, 1/22/20

NMUG Meeting, Shortcuts, By Rosemary Orchard 1-15-20

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