For those of you Members and Non-Members who plan on attending the iMovie Class on Saturday Jan 19, I suggests you review the following notes and videos of prior classes.

This will help you have good foundation for our next class. After some introductory remarks and review, our class will take the form of a tutorial wherein we will build an actual movie from clips you bring. So 1) Have some favorite clips with you on your device, and bring along stills and music that would go together with the clips to make a real movie. 2) That means you should bring your device to class. I recommend your MacBooks or MacBook Pros. If you have neither, bring your iPad. It is difficult to make a movie on an iPhone, although it can be done.

NMUG Meeting, iOS plus Making a Quick iMovie, Marty Dorio, 4/11/18

iMovie:iOS11,Lite2018 MARCH 5 2018 MARILYN VON SEGGERN

iMovie:iOS10 March 13 2017 Marilyn Von Seggern


As always, email me questions ahead of time to be sure I will cover the answers if I can.