How to join the discussion


NMUG uses a Members Only, email based discussion group for members to ask questions about computer issues. The questions are shared with club members.

If you are an NMUG member and have joined the Discussion Group:

    Send email questions to


Another value of participating  in the Discussion Group is the ability to search through thousands of messages that may be relevant.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how you can search the responses.  You can NOT access this information if you are not an NMUG member and not a member of the Discussion Group.

This link (click here) will take you to the Discussion Group.  Then log in to search the archive of questions and answers. Guidance on search methods are provided near the bottom of this page.

If you are an NMUG member BUT NOT yet a Discussion Group member you can enroll in Discussion Group membership by sending an email message to


This will initiate a series of email messages from Yahoo.

The most important is the one where you create a message asking to join the Discussion Group.  Make sure to provide your name in the body of the messageso the club knows you are a member and not a Spam Generator.

Don’t mention how long you have been an NMUG member; give the name the club knows you as.

The NMUG Discussion Group is very active.  You may want to use Mail’s Rules to move the messages to a NMUG Messages folder.

The rule moves the messages from your InBox to the designated destination.

The link below should provide almost all information that new NMUG members may face in signing up for the Discussion Group or that current members have about the Discussion Group.  If  you have questions about the procedure for joining or how to maximize your benefit work your way through the linked pages. Click HERE

NMUG’s Discussion Group Home page shows recent and past interaction

You can use “Group by Topic” to view related messages or Search

The Search box locates messages specific to the query. Advanced offers more complex queries.