If you attended NMUG classes in the past , but not recently, you went to International College, just off Immokalee Rd.  International College changed its name to Hodges University; you know how to get there.  The classes will be held  in Room 211.

    The address for Hodges is 2655 Northbrooke Dr  Naples, FL 34119

 Click here for the University’s map and directions.  They are good!

DIRECTIONS:           If you use I-75, exit and go east on Immokalee in the left lane to turn left at the 1st light, Northbrooke.

        In the past, some found it beneficial to travel east on Vanderbilt Beach Rd and then north on Oakes Blvd.  You NO LONGER can cross Immokalee from Oakes; INSTEAD turn left at Spanish Oaks Ln to Tarpon Bay Blvd. and then right to the traffic light at Immokalee Rd.  Then go straight across Immokalee to get to Northbrooke.

     If you come east on Immokalee Rd as soon as you go past the left turn onto I-75 north, get into the left lane of Immokalee. This positions you to make a left off Immokalee Rd onto Northbrooke Dr at the 1st light east of I 75.

        Note that you turn left (west) off Northbrooke Dr to get to the University

The student building for classroom 211 is at the west end of the road. Do NOT go to the 1st building saying Hodges; this is a newer building and NOT the one we use.  Our building is adjacent to I-75 and has a small tower over the entrance.

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