CLASS REGISTRATION Photos George Rubin March 6 2017


Walk-in registration for NMUG’s classes is NOT permitted. Registration prior to the class is required for several reasons: 1) to enable pre-class information to be sent to accepted students before the class session;  2) to allocate the limited class room space based upon first registration priority;  3) to confirm status as an NMUG Member

Each Member that wishes to take a class should enroll individually in that class. Two Members from the same household may register on the same registration form. As classes are released for registration, they will be added as a new registration page and a notice sent.

Number of attendees
Your name & email address
2nd Member name-email address

Non-Members wishing to attend classes are encouraged to become Members. In exceptional cases like a visiting close relative wishing to come along, the NON- MEMBER should contact the Registrar by using this form (PLEASE ONLY FILL IN THIS FORM IF YOU ARE A NON MEMBER ASKING FOR SPECIAL PERMISSION):