Select class notes (i.e) ‘Managing the iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.” When PDF appears, tap on screen. “Open in iBooks” will briefly show in upper right. Tap on Open in iBooks.
If the words disappear tap again to see the Open in iBooks link. Read in iBooks. You can  also choose print from the share menu.
iPhone – When naplesmug.com opens tap search icon (magnifying glass). Type “Class Notes.”
Tap search. “Tap 2017 Class Notes.” Tap notes you want to download. When PDF  appears, follow the directions listed above in the iPad version.
Computer – When website opens tap “Class Notes,” tap “2017 Class Notes.” Tap notes you wish  to download. When notes open Click on “Save As,” “Export as PDF,” or print from File  menu. Move file to desired location (Desktop, documents, etc.)


Instructor produced lecture notes will be posted to the web when available for student members to download to their computer. 

The notes are released by the instructor shortly before the class

For notes from prior years, you can access them starting at this link

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