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Living in Naples Florida since 2002, my wife Gayle and I are enjoying our life in the sunny southwest (of Florida). I enjoy teaching Hands On iPad/iPhone Workshops at FGCU Renaissance Academy and participating in the Naples MacFriends User Group. In my spare time, in addition to playing with the "other woman" as Gayle calls her - my computers, I am also webmaster and newsletter editor for the Naples Jewish Congregation,

We believe we have the solution to the sign on issue.

If you have already successfully signed in please ignore this message. We believe we have solved the issues of the email password reset not working and not getting a password reset email. Browser cache, browser password saving make resetting really hard, as it still remembers the old password. Also cookies may need to be reset. I suggest you try the forget password route first. Go to the website and request a new password. You should get an email which will let you reset your password to something you desire. Then go back and log in. If that doesn’t work, then go to Safari and clear your history (Click Safari on the top menu, click CLEAR HISTORY)and go to keychain and remove any entries for (Safari/preferences/passwords/Keychain) then repeat the process. Thanks for your continued patience. Marty Dorio, Secretary”

Sign on to

Thanks very much for your efforts to sign on to the new website.

I apologize for any confusion in the instructions I sent.

Your user names are, in general, firstname- lastname. You only need this to sign on AFTER you reset your password.

For families with only one email address, you will use your family name-family as user name.

Click the link in the email to go to the rest page. Pick a new password.

Then sign in with your username (shown on the email right above the link) and your new password.

Feel free to let me know any further difficulties.


Marty Dorio, Secretary

New website launched

This afternoon, Sunday Feb 28, 2016 we released the new website for the membership.

The new site requires a password reset. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It is necessary to enhance the security of the new site.

Pleas feel free to ask any of us if you have questions or suggestions to improve the site further.

As always, thanks for your membership and active participation in Naples MacUser Group.



NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED – NMUG (Naples MacFriends User Group) Look for the password email soon

As we announced in our prior posts, NaplesMUG is pleased to announce that our website was replaced by a new website of the same name this past few days.

We have been working on this website for more than a year and have planned it to bring several advantages to our membership. Among these are: 

1. The ability for each of you to manage your own profiles and membership information. 

2. The ability for you to register online for courses and to renew your membership directly using credit cards via PayPal. Having a PayPal account is not required and payments can be made using most major credit cards, including American Express.The new procedure eliminates the need for you to write checks or to mail in changes to your contact information.

3. A reduction in the workload of club officers, enabling us to spend more time dealing with NMUG’s educational mission.

To make this change effective, we have created a new user name and password for you.

 Look for our next email with your new sign on info. 

As is customary, you will have to sign in and change your password to something you will remember.

If you have any difficulty in doing this please feel free to call any of us with any questions or comments. Thanks again for your membership.


Marty Dorio, Secretary
Naples MacFriends Users Group