We are NMUG

Naples MacFriends User Group – Naples Florida

“Passionately sharing our knowledge and experiences about all things Apple”

iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, iCloud 

All Apple equipment and services



The # 1 Place to Learn How to Use All  Your Apple Devices!!!

  • “From many to many – passionately sharing knowledge about all things Apple”
  • The World Famous Naples Macfriends User Group
  • The most active Apple user group in the world.
  • Join your Apple friends and learn together.
  • We make it fun in learning how too use all your Apple devices.
  • We help each other.
  • Classes and meetings for all your Apple Devices.
  • On line 24/7 Apple Discussion Group for members only.
  • Small fee 1 on 1 tutoring available.
  • The best 2 Apple Certified Techs available for a fee.
  • Partners with the 2 Local Apple Stores.
  • Best deal in Naples
    • $25 individual membership

    • $35 family membership


12 thoughts on “We are NMUG”

  1. Currently, I can access my Naples Xfinity System when I am up North over any Wifi network. However, while I have access to recorded programs and many channels, some channels give me a error that indicates I need to be on my local network for access. Will using a virtual private network(vpn) allow tunneling (layer two) from another network and make it appear that I am on my local network? If vpn will do this I should have access to all channels. Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.


    James Graham

    1. I believe so, but you should write directly to Jeff (Director@naplesmug.com)

      Meanwhile check Settings/TVprovider to be sure you have the proper link and apps activated .)

    1. No check is necessary until you receive the invoice from NMUG. NMUG now sends it pro-actively.

      If you want to send a check, you may do so to
      Naples MacFriends User Group Inc
      2011 GULF SHORE BLVD N #61
      NAPLES FL 34102

  2. I am currently using Network Solutions as an ISP for my email. Can anyone suggest someone better. I send them questions and get no answers. Prices have gone up dramatically since taken over by Web.com.


    1. I found the same issue when we first started NMUG’s website.
      GoDaddy is our current host. Excellent Servcie. Excellent replies. No long wait times.

      I use them for all my family websites too.

      Hope this helps.

  3. I can’t log into NMUG. Please let me know how to go about it. I am a member and I was interested in the zoom meeting this morning. Raquel Dunning

  4. Hi, great meeting today. I have two questions:
    1: I can’t figure out how to sign in. When I renewed in Sept I was told “ Your Membership number (UG#) is 523 .Your expiration date is 9/1/2023. “
    2. How can I get the members price for Dans Tutorials?
    Bob Kelly

    1. NO sign in to the website is required.
      Renewals are being invoiced directly making it easier for yo to do so. Don’t worry. We won’t forget!

      Members get our price once you sign in after following the link to Dan’s Tutorials in the upper right hand corner. Should be $14.99


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From many to many – passionately sharing knowledge about all things Apple