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NMUG Zoom Classes – 2021
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January 9   Using Zoom and FaceTime in COVID-19 era (Rosemary Orchard, Instructor)

Our instructor Rosemary Orchard just informed us that she has been suffering from fever for several days and will be unable to perform the class this Saturday January 9, 2021.

It is with great regret that we need to inform you that we decided to RESCHEDULE this class. It will now be held on March 20, 2021.

You have the choice of either requesting a refund or accept the new date March 20, 2021. If we don’t hear from you we will assume that you are accepting the new date.


January 16   macOS 11 Big Sur Overview (Jeff Bohr, Instructor)

This is the update that ends the OS X era. macOS 11 is here! This session will cover the new features of macOS 11, including:

A total redesign of the UI (User Interface), improved Safari, Messages, Maps and search; also new Photos editing capabilities, HomeKit and Mac App Store Improvements, and the return of the startup chime. Attend this session to learn all about Big Sur!


January 23   Mac Tips and Tricks.                   (Jeff Bohr, Instructor)

Did you realize that people who use Windows computers have to pay for many third-party apps to do things that we can do on our Macs for free? Learn how to let your Mac take over tasks using keyboard shortcuts and other tips that will make your life easier. As technology gets more complex, the Mac gets easier to use than ever. Learn how to make the most from your Mac!


January 30   iOS 14 for iPhone               (Marilyn VonSeggern, Instructor)

This class will cover many of the new features and updated features for the iPhone. These include but are not limited to Redesigned Widgets, App Library, Compact User Interfaces, Translate, Search, Messages, Maps, Siri, Safari, Privacy, App Clips, Camera, Health, Photos, Reminders, and much more.


February 6   iPadOS14.                                (Marilyn VonSeggern, Instructor)

This class will cover new features unique to the iPad and updated features similar to iOS 14 for the iPhone. These include but are not limited to Scribble, Notes, Sidebars, Toolbars, Menus, Spotlight, Favicons, Music lyrics, and much more. Members interested in this class should also attend the iOS 14 for iPhone class since many of the updated features for native apps are similar for the iPad and will be covered in the iPhone class.


February 13   Entertainment and Streaming (Jim Corsica, Instructor)

The Entertainment class is an introductory class on Apple Music (Music, Podcast and TV), streaming services, “cutting the cord”, and various media apps. Attendees will learn how to transfer music from CDs, create playlists, transfer those playlists to iPhones and iPads, download and pay for music and videos and get audiobooks. Popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Podcasts, YouTube and premium pay services will be demonstrated and discussed, as well as the new players in the streaming wars:  Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock (NBC) and Quibi.  If Apple releases a new version of the Apple TV streamer block this Fall, that will be demonstrated as well.


February 20   Photos Class                           (Dan Wassink, instructor)

The Photos Class is not an introductory class on Apple Photos. MacOS 11 – Big Sur introduces a number of innovations. Building on prior Photos apps, attendees will learn about the changes and how they improve (or not, in this instructor’s mind) the storage, manipulation and sharing of our Photos and video clips. The second part of the class will elucidate how the new PHOTOS behaves on iPhones & iPads. Integral to all, of course, is iCloud. 


February 27   Apple Watch OS 7             (Marilyn VonSeggern, Instructor)

This class will review the Apple Watch 3, 4, & 5 functions and cover the changes and updates. iOS 7 will allow the Watch to be more customizable, powerful, and discoverable with more Complications, easier Interface, Sleep Tracking, finding and sharing Custom Watch Faces, Shortcuts, Hand-washing, new Fitness Workouts, Cycling in Maps, Siri Translate, and Health updates.


March 6   iCloud                                                         (Joe Kissell, Instructor)

Author Joe Kissell will teach you how to take control of iCloud. Learn about all the iCloud features, from the obvious to the obscure. Find out what syncing means in iCloud terms (spoiler: probably not what you think it means!) and how to get the right things to be in the right places more often. Discover the joys and perils of iCloud drive, learn why iCloud backups are a curious mixture of great and awful, and bring your loved ones together with iCloud Family Sharing.


March 13    Security and Protection           (Jeff Bohr, Instructor)

In the modern world, there is no shortage of people that want to separate you from your money and sanity. It may come in an email, or a phone call or a message that appears while you are browsing the web; this class will show you how to identify and avoid these attempts to cause you mental and financial harm.

Topics we will cover include:

How these scams work and who are the perpetrators
How to identify an illegitimate email
How to safely unsubscribe and block emails
How to create a new email address
How to create and manage great passwords
How to identify and avoid web site popups
What to do if a web page or program takes control of your computer
How to block spam callers
How to identify secure web sites

In this class, you will the learn the practices that will keep you safer from the technological threats that are out of control in today’s world.



March 20    Using Zoom and FaceTime in COVID-19 era (Dan Wassink, Instructor)

The era of Covid-19 has caused us to find many ways to stay connected to our loved ones. Luckily, technology was there or has stepped up to fill the need.

Join us as we walk you through how to use two very popular free apps that help you easily communicate and see your loved ones on a daily or regular basis.


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