2020 Class Descriptions

CLASSES ARE FINISHED FOR THE 2019-2020 SEASON. They will be announced at the end of this year for next. STAY TUNED! Classes are a very important Member Benefit. Non-Members are always welcome. You may find information on our latest class offerings (2019-2020) here:

Date – Description – Presenter

Jan. 11 – New Catalina Features – Jeff Bohr

Managing 32 bit & 64 bit apps, Formatting Backups, Notes, Reminders, Safari, Mail, Sidecar, Continuity Markup and Sketch, Screen Time, Security updates, Find My (Friends and Devices), Approve with Apple Watch, QuickTIme, and Home updates.

In addition, a review of iTunes Transition to 3 Apps, AppleTV+, Media Syncing, and new features in Photos and iCloud Drive will be covered. (These topics will also be demonstrated in greater detail in other classes)

Jan. 18 – 50+ Tips and Tricks for Using your Mac Effectively – Jeff Bohr

Fifty tips and tricks for working with the Mac will be demonstrated. They include but are not limited to Screenshots, Spotlight, Finder, Stacks, Menu Bar, Conversation Threads, File Management, Tabs, Home Sharing, Guest Account, Sharing Large Files, Log-In, Partition Drives, Blocking Mail Senders, Custom Keyboard, Smart Folders, Force Quit, Renaming Finder Items, and Dark Mode.

Jan. 25 – Practical Uses of iCloud – Marty Dorio

This is not a survey course nor a Hands-on Workshop. It is for those who want to know how to use iCloud for syncing and backup. It is for users who want to make sure their data and photos do not get lost, deleted, or are disorganized.

This class will review the two main functions of iCloud (syncing and backup) and how we can get leverage from it. We will look at how we can safeguard our information. We will demonstrate how not to lose our valuable data or our devices themselves. We will show how we can access iCloud from a browser anywhere in the world when we don’t have our laptop or MAC with us. Also, we will explain how we can use iCloud from our Windows PC.

Feb. 1 – iOS 13 – iPhone – Marilyn VonSeggern

This class is for all iPhone and iPad users since many of the iOS 13 features will apply to both devices.
Updates to these apps will be covered: Maps, Shortcuts, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Files, Find My Friend/Phone, Health, Mail, Music, Notes, and Safari.
In addition we will review Dark Mode, Location Controls, Siri, Air Pods, New Keyboard features, Voice Control, Fonts, Screen Time, Share Sheet, Control Center, Text Editing, and Wifi.

Feb. 8 – New Features in iPad iOS 13 – Marilyn VonSeggern

This class is for all iPad Users. iPad iOS13 is a new operating system for the iPad. Although it mirrors many of the iPhone features it also now has several of its own features.

We will cover Multitasking, Split/SlideOver Mode, Expose, Drag & Drop, Home Screen, Today View, Dock Management, Apple Pencil (Instant Note), Sidecar, Text Editing, Keyboard, Fonts, Files, and Safari. Some of the iOS 13 updates mentioned in the iPhone class will be looked at in depth

Feb. 15 – Entertainment – Jim Corsica

The Entertainment class is an introductory session on what used to be iTunes, now called Apple Music, which will be broken into three: Music, Podcast and TV.

We will also discuss streaming services, “cutting the cord”, and various media apps. Attendees will learn how to transfer music from CDs, create playlists, transfer those playlists to iPhones and iPads, download and pay for music and videos and get audiobooks.

Popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Podcasts, YouTube and premium pay services will be demonstrated and discussed, as well as the new players in the streaming wars: Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock (NBC). I plan to subscribe to the new Apple TV+ and Music services in advance of the class when they are available, for an insider’s look.

Feb. 22 – Home Automation Made Simple – Wayne Mertz
Digital Assistants – Ed Evans

Home Automation Made Easy – Apple and other technologies have made the process of installing Home Automation easier for users. Home Automation can make simple tasks in your home and automobile easier. In addition, it can save time and money as well as create accessibility for those needing assistance. It can provide security, safety, and convenience.

Setting up Home Automation using Apple’s HOME KIT will be presented. Components such as Hubs, Controllers, Devices (Accessories), Sensors, Actuators, and Connections will be explained
and demonstrated.

Digital Assistants – This portion of the class will include discussion of the role Apple’s Siri and Home and the Amazon Alexa play in Home Automation. We will show how they may be used to make a home “Smart.” Also, other uses of Digital Assistants will be covered. Some related products will be discussed along with where to buy and how to install information.

Feb. 29 – Apple Watch – Marilyn VonSeggern

We will cover three topics in this class: Basics of the Apple Watch, Updates for OS 6, New features of the Apple Watch 5

Basics – We will start by looking at how to get around the Watch. Next we will look at some of the following topics: The Watch App on the iPhone, the Control Center, the Dock, Settings on the iPhone, Settings on the Watch, Notifications, and how to work with Standard Apps and Downloaded Apps (Messages, Maps, Reminders, Mail, Health, Phone Calls, Zoom, Music, Trouble Shooting, etc.).

Updates in OS 6 – Audio books, Smarter Siri, Noise Level, Cycle Tracking, Activity Progress, Adding Songs, Calculator, Updated Reminders, Animoji & Memoji in Messages.

Apple Watch 5 Features – On all the Time, Compass, New Watch Materials, Stronger Water Resistance and Advanced Workout Metrics.

March 7 – Photos – Marty Dorio

Camera and Photos are the two most used apps for the world’s best-selling camera in history. This class will highlight the updates in Catalina and iOS.
We will delve into the question “where do the photos go?” We will demonstrate how to organize a big slide collection, including alternatives using Amazon and Google Drives.

The second half of the class will cover how to maximize the use of the great editing tools now available built into the PHOTOS app. We will address the following questions: How do I edit photos? How do I repair scanned photos? How do I enhance the photos I’ve taken less optimally than I would have liked? How do I edit a Burst?
We will conclude with a brief overview of Albums, Memories, and slide shows.

March 14 – Protection and Security – Jeff Bohr
This class will show you how to identify and avoid attempts to cause you mental and financial harm.

Topics we will cover include:

How scams work and who are the perpetrators
How to identify an illegitimate email and unsubscribe from emails
How to create a new email address
How to create and manage great passwords
How to identify and avoid web site popups
What to do if a web page or program takes control of your computer
What to do to prevent spam calls on your iPhone & block spam callers
How to identify secure web sites

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