2017 Class Descriptions


Class 1 Sierra: 

Mac Sierra ( OS version 10.12) is the 13th generation of the OS X operating system. This 2-session class will provide a solid understanding of the OS X operating environment for those contemplating upgrading to Sierra, have upgraded to it or found it installed in a purchased new Mac. The course will combine some computer basics with guidance with respect to “New To Sierra” features for those with prior Mac OS experience.

Class 2. Clouds and how to use them

To begin with, this class will briefly review the content of last year’s introductions to clouds, what they are and who provides them. It seems everyone is in the cloud business these days! We will then migrate to a detailed course on how to use cloud storage in our everyday lives: from syncing notes, calendar, contacts, usernames in iCloud, to using it for 1Password, to using it to store documents in Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word. We will conclude with a look at Handoff and how it works across Apple platforms. If you have questions you would like addressed please send them to Marty by clicking here

Classes 3 and 4 – Apps and Management in iOS 10

In Class 3 we will review the many new Lock Screen features, discover how to navigate around in iOS10, and choose options in the Settings section.

In Class 4 we will look at updates to commonly used Apps such as Mail, Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and many more.

Class 5 – Communications, Social & iTunes in iOS 10

In this class we will cover FaceTime, Skype, Messages, Social Media and iTunes content including Music and Podcasts in iOS 10.

Class 6 – Apple TV

This class will demonstrate the new (4th Generation) Apple TV, Apple’s streaming device.  Setting up, basic functioning, costs, the new Siri remote, home sharing, streaming services, games, Airplay and mirroring, and some apps, time permitting.

Class 7 Photos

The  Class for Photos includes everything from importing your photos, to organizing your photos, to editing your photos, to sharing your photos with Photos on the Mac.

Class 8 – Siri, Photos and Videos in iOS 10

This class will cover Siri in-depth including new functions. We will also look at camera features as well as taking, sharing, managing, and editing photos and videos in iOS 10.

Class 9 – Protect Information & 1Password

Which is your biggest concern?  That one of the 50+ Internet sites you login to (your bank, your broker, your favorite shopping site) will announce that their database of customer names, passwords, credit card identities, etc. has been hacked and the information is loose on the Internet? OR that the information stored in your computer is no longer available because of some electro / mechanical problem or Operator error and your 15 years of photos, movies, financial records, etc. are gone.

This  single session class will focus on the techniques, software and hardware to protect your computer’s data files from accidental loss.  It will also cover how to protect your access to Internet web sites. You can’t afford to lose your photo or movie memories, your music collection, your financial records, etc.