Naples MacFriends User Group (NMUG) is located in Naples, Florida on the sunny Southwest Gulf coast of Florida.

Founded in 1984, Naples MacFriends User Group has grown to hundreds of members from all walks of life. We share a passion for all things Apple, and love to share ideas and learn from one another.

Read more about our history here.

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15 thoughts on “WELCOME”

  1. I need to get a new password. My old one doesn’t work. I’ve tried on the website but I get no response.

    Pls help me reset and get new password. Last week I tried and received an email which went to spam. I didn’t see it until it had expired.

  2. Can someone help me with getting my picture onto my NMUG site. Telling me to follow the instructions in Gravitar does not appear to work, appreciate any advice here. The Cloud lecture yesterday was EXCELLENT !!

    1. In Gravatar, you have to create an account and upload your picture there, noting that the link of the website is to NaplesMUG.com

  3. I’d appreciate hearing about members’ experiences/thoughts regarding WhatsApp and Signal. I have read that WhatsApp shares users’ data with FaceBook (if one agrees with their T & Cs.)

    1. Meetings resume in the fall at the central library. Look for dates and times here. Generally we meet every Wednesday at 11:30 AM.

  4. I am unable to up-date my address contact information……..the screen will only allow me to up-date my name?

    1. You must be logged in to update your information.

      If you still haven’t been able to do it online, please email me and we will update for you. Sorry for the difficulty.

  5. NEW ON THE NaplesMUG.com WEBSITE:

    TOPIC FORUMS have been added to the Top and Side Menus. These are by SUBJECT postings in addition to NMUG’s usual By Date format. This should be a help to those of you who are looking for a particular subject.

    Two tabs under Topic Forums/Applications Forum have been added linking to Apple sites for Members who want to download GarageBand for MacOS or iOS after Jim Corsica’s presentation last Wednesday.

    There are also now several places where you can add comments.

    A Member Suggestions tab is added at the Top menu and under Classes in the Side menu for your ideas for class subjects for next season.

    Feel free to explore the website and to make suggestions as to other enhancements you would like to see.

    As always, thanks for your active membership. Regards,

    Marty Dorio

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