Join Now the # 1 Place to Learn How to Use All Your Apple Devices!!!

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Great Programs Each and Every Week! Starting Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 11:30 AM.

Location of Meetings
Naples Regional Library
650 Central Ave.
Naples, FL 34102
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All of These Meetings are Open to the Public!
Special Speakers
Hold these dates on Your Calendars!!!

9/18/19 – Jeff Gamet ” Health App”

9/25/19 – Bob Kenedi “Your Pro Camera”

10/16/19- Chita Hunter “AppleKeynote”

30/10/19 – Chita Hunter “Apple Watch”

More to follow, watch this space !!!

Join Now the # 1 Place to Learn How to Use All  Your Apple Devices!!!

  • “From many to many – passionately sharing knowledge about all things Apple”

  • The World Famous Naples Macfriends User Group

  • The most active Apple user group in the world.

  • Join your Apple friends and learn together.

  • We make it fun in learning how too use all your Apple devices.

  • We help each other.

  • Classes and meetings for all your Apple Devices.

  • On line 24/7 Apple Discussion Group for members only.

  • Small fee 1 on 1 tutoring available.

  • The best 2 Apple Certified Techs available for a fee.

  • Partners with the 2 Local Apple Stores.

  • Best deal in Naples $25 individual membership fee, $35 family membership fee.



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  3. I need to copy 4 DVd’s .

    Can someone please recommend a free program ?

    I tried disk utility, but it was cumbersome

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