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Oh for the Love of Mac!

The Naples Macfriends User Group (NMUG) is an energetic, active and friendly worldwide user group dedicated to all things Apple. We will educate you with our weekly Zoom, member-only meetings and our busy Zoom classes (also only available to members). Another bonus for members is access to comprehensive information and help on all Apple devices.

Already a Member? Wait until you see what's coming up next! Have a look at our handy meetings calendar. Not a Member Yet? Why not join us? We're friendly and welcoming, and our members range from beginners to experienced users. We have some of the most knowledgeable members in all the MacWorld. Our educational and engaging meetings and classes are enjoyed by Macophiles home and away...we are a global phenomenon! And NMUG offers 24/7 help via our busy message board. Don't miss out. There's a lot going on ....


  • Meetings


    A lot of new ideas are hatched at NMUG weekly meetings on Zoom. New to Zoom? Don’t worry, we’ll show you the ropes.

    Our next meeting is on Wednesday 22nd March 2023... 


    Jason Snell, founder of Six Colors and a prominent tech journalist, will present the latest news and updates from Apple at our User Group. Attendees can expect to hear about the latest operating system updates, hardware releases, and upcoming products from one of the most informed and knowledgeable voices in the tech industry.

    Find out more about NMUG ….

  • Classes


    NMUG is well known for the quality of our classes and our presenters. All on Zoom, which reaches an international audience. And we have an incredible selection of events planned.

    Our classes offer incredible value, and are only available to signed-up members of NMUG.

    Be sure to check the site regularly so you can be the first to know when our new classes are listed.

  • Joining NMUG

    Joining NMUG

    As you can see, NMUG is wide-ranging, knowledgable and engaging. It is also a great bargain for just $30 a year for individuals and $41 a year for households of 2 people max at the same address. Classes are extra, but well worth it for all the expertise you are getting.

    Find out more about the benefits of becoming an NMUG member ….

  • Message Board

    Message Board

    The NMUG message board is the heart and soul of our Group. There's a reason that members from all across the globe join in to listen, learn, impart knowledge and just have a grand old time exploring. This thriving board can answer your questions, help you discover new and exciting things and inspire you to help others through your own experiences.

    But, naturally, to experience the full capability, you need to become an NMUG member. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

    To join, click here ....

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